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Concrete Design and Consultation Services

Concrete Design by Tri-County Mason Contractors, Sussex County,NJ.


Creating the perfect outdoor living space starts with a concrete design and consultation from a contractor expert. With a professional plan that is based on your needs and budget concerns, you can have a patio or deck that combines concrete function and durability with concrete designs. The initial consultation, concrete design process and final installation should meet or exceed your expectations.

 Initial Concrete Design Consultation

During an initial consultation, the contractor will discuss your vision and offer suggestions on ways to enhance your outdoor project. A comprehensive site analysis will reveal any problem areas and hidden treasures. A talented contractor can help you select the right materials. Concrete durability is just as important as a beautiful concrete design.

The goals should not only seek to resolve issues, but to also match solutions to your desires. After all, you are the one who must live with the results. If you are not pleased, the contractor has not done a good job.

 Innovative Concrete Design

Just as you may want a unique concrete design, the contractor should also focus on creating an outdoor living space that compliments your home. The contractor can provide a detailed proposal that includes a drawing and material selections. Personal and functional are two essentials for any innovative design effort. The visual impact will endure many years of outdoor entertainment and tranquility.

With a well designed outdoor living area, you can have a backyard paradise that infuses current trends of concrete functions with your personal style. The perfect way to escape from daily life stressors is with an area that allows you to relax and have fun.

Concrete Walkway

Concrete Walkway

Implementing the Project

Let the designing begin! Once you approve the concrete design concept, the contractor has an opportunity to channel decades of experience in masonry to work for you. The unique drawings on paper begin to take shape in your backyard.

Most masonry contractors offer concrete design services for pool decks, walkways patios and retaining walls. The value of your home can increase significantly with an attractive outdoor makeover. Concrete durability ensures that your family and friends will enjoy the outdoor life.

For instance, retaining walls are not only good for drainage or water problems, but they can also enhance your backyard decor. The right materials and the right concrete design can give you a functional, long lasting retaining wall that beautifies the area.

An experienced contractor can create the perfect environment for your home. Verify the contractor’s credentials before signing the contract. Peace of mind is preferred when you hire a masonry contractor to work on your home. Otherwise, you run the risk of allowing someone to do more harm than good to your investment.

Likewise, a good contractor wants to know that he or she is entering into a project with your complete confidence. This is accomplished by understanding your goals and desires. If issues are left unspoken, the outdoor project could turn into a disaster. Rather than creating the perfect outdoor living space, you could have an eyesore. Good communication ensures that you have a good working relationship and expectations are met.

Tri-County Mason Contractors Offers Concrete Design and Consultation Services in Sussex County, NJ.

Including Local Places,

Andover, Blairstown, Branchville, Franklin, Fredon, Hamburg, Lafayette, Montague, Newton, Ogdensburg, Sparta, Sussex, Vernon, Wantage.


Apartment Complex Masonry Maintenance in New Jersey

Apartment Complex Masonry Maintenance in Northern, NJ.

Retaining Wall Construction and Repair Sussex County NJ

Sidewalk removal and pouring new concrete are two fundamental steps towards beautifying an apartment complex. Whether concrete is removed from an existing parking lot or old foundation, you want a contractor that provides high-quality apartment complex masonry maintenance. Inferior work can result in visible cracks or crumbling of the concrete. This creates an unsafe environment for tenants and a costly mistake for property owners.

Improper pouring techniques cause overall deterioration that result from cracked concrete. Unless sidewalk removal is handled properly, the value of an apartment complex will also deteriorate. Professional removal services are necessary before new, high-quality concrete is added for either an addition or repair.

 Apartment Complex Masonry Maintenance Including Steps, in NJ.

Another issue of concern is masonry step repair when errors were made during the original construction. In the past, construction workers used inferior materials such as cinder block. This material is weaker than concrete and is also less resistant to moisture. An apartment complex built with cinder black material must have the underlying problem repaired before beginning new or updated construction.

The advantage is to ensure masonry step repairs last long to keep the property in beautiful and sustainable condition. An experienced masonry contractor understands the importance of protecting commercial property investments. Cutting corners is never an option. Rather, upholding standards of quality is practiced on every project.

Tri-County Mason Contractors, Your One Call For it All For Apartment Complex Masonry Maintenance in Northern NJ.

Including Counties: Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Salem, Somerset, Sussex and Warren.
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Concrete Sidewalks and Patios in Sussex County

 Concrete Sidewalks and Patios in Sussex County, NJ.


Options abound with concrete sidewalks and patios. Our skilled masons can give your concrete sidewalks and patios a personal touch with unique finishes and expansion joint designs. Together we will look at you job and create a solution to fit your needs and desires.

A big appeal with concrete sidewalks and patios is the long-term value each brings to a property. Construction quality is essential to improving the longevity of  each.. While concrete is one of the most durable materials, it can still fail when poor construction and design practices are followed.

Concrete Sidewalks and Patios – Quality Counts!

When hiring Tri-County Masons you can rest assured your job will be done right. We take pride in every job we do, large or small. Most concrete sidewalks and patios we replace were in need because of poor workmanship. There are many factors involved when installing quality sidewalks and patios. We take every measure from concrete mix design to proper curing into consideration when we do any job.

Tri-County Mason Contractors Serves all of Sussex County NJ. with quality concrete sidewalks and patios.

Including local places,

Andover,Blairstown, Branchville, Franklin, Fredon, Hamburg, Lafayette, Montague, Newton, Ogdensburg, Sparta, Sussex, Vernon, Wantage.