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Concrete Driveways Are Built to Last!

Concrete Driveways in Sussex County by Tri-County Mason Contractors

The ways in which you can enhance the curbside appeal of your home are endless with concrete driveways. The exterior of one of your biggest investments not only looks good, but will also become durable when concrete designs are installed. Whether concrete driveways or patios, the name is a guarantee that the surface is made from solid material.

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 Concrete Driveways and Advantages

Concrete driveways do more than just improve outdoor aesthetics. These concrete surfaces have a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, concrete maintenance is easier than with other surfaces. These advantages explain why concrete driveways are favored among contractors and property owners.

Before you can benefit from low concrete maintenance, a professional contractor must start the process of installing quality work. It all begins with concrete planning to determine the best design for your driveway. Important steps are necessary to make sure concrete driveways last for a long period of time. A problem-free installation can occur when construction is completed with quality workmanship, tools and materials.

Planning Concrete Driveways

Initial concrete planning begins with removing all vegetation and grass that can interfere with a stable foundation. The perimeter of the driveway is cordoned as markers for the contractor to follow. Pouring concrete begins at this stage. Typically, a crew works on together so the area can be filled quickly. Adequate reinforcement is essential when pouring concrete driveways. This improves structural capacity for heavy traffic areas.

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Equally important is the curing process. Curing the concrete after applying the finish helps to strengthen the surface against harsh weather and other abrasive conditions. Various techniques can be used for curing such as applying a liquid compound or using plastic sheets to cover the concrete.

When the contractors install concrete driveways correctly, they can last for many years. On average, concrete driveways maintain functionality for up to 50 years. This largely depends on the quality of construction and how well the driveway is maintained.

The cost of installing a concrete driveway might seem high initially. However, when compared to other materials, you will get a better return on your investment because of the easy maintenance and high-quality installation.

Concrete driveways are not maintenance-free and require keeping the surface clean to improve its longevity. Regular cleaning and sealer applications will pay off long-term. Basically, your concrete driveway only needs scrubbing with a good brush made for concrete surfaces.

A sealer adds another layer of protection to reinforce its durability. Most sealers can be applied annually. Apply the sealer during the fall season if you live in a cold climate. Doing so helps to protect your driveway from salt that is applied during winter months.

Most people associate concrete with a plain gray slab. However, there are ways that you can spruce up your driveway without losing its strength. Adding color or stamped designs can make the driveway uniquely yours.

The contractor can add enhancements during the installation. Stamped concrete can imitate expensive cobblestone, brick and slate patterns. Stains can penetrate the surface and mingle with the natural minerals in concrete, which creates distinct markings. The choice is yours for a beautiful concrete design that is built to last.

 Concrete Driveways by Tri-County Mason Contractors in Sussex County and Surrounding Areas.

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